About Company

Full Flight Simulator Research and Production Company (CKT Company, Ltd) was established in 1992 with the purpose of developing and manufacturing equipment for training of pilots and aircraft specialists.

Among products offered by the Company are aircraft system simulators, visual systems, stewart platforms, cockpit procedures trainers, cabin emergency evacuation trainers, and test rigs for aircraft engineers.

The key product of the Company are full flight simulators. These simulators are distinguished by excellent realism, high efficiency and reliability.

Perfect integration of the most advanced quality components offered by the world leading manufacturers serve as a guarantee for highest quality of our products.

CKT offers a big variety of flight simulators for various types of aircrafts. Our flight simulators fully comply with international standards. As we build a flight simulator we do our best to meet the highest requirements of our customers thus creating a an excellent foundation for the most efficient training of pilots.

CKT is proud to declare that we have a perfect understanding of what kind of equipment is needed by airlines, training centers and aircraft manufacturers to train pilots and aircraft specialist.