CKT Company Ltd. Corporate Quality Policy


To manufacture aircraft training equipment that meets Customer needs and fully complies with current international standards and Federal Aviation Regulations ( ).

to comply with established and foreseeable requirements from customers and other interested parties.


CKT Company Ltd. Commitment

We aim to employ and train specialists capable or running our management system in compliance with  ISO 9001-2008 requirements and

Improve manufacturing process through

     utilization of innovative technologies together and deep integration of the most advanced highest quality components offered by the world leading manufacturers;

     development of international cooperation in building full flight simulators together with the world leaders in the industry;

arranging of better professional training of the Company employees, ensuring their professional growth.  

improvement of quality management system


CKT Company Ltd. management is responsible for

         implementation of this quality policy

         resources required for manufacturing process

         motivation of employees to support their personal involvement and initiative at work 

         communication of the company policy to every CKT Company Ltd. policy.