Full flight simulators of different types

   Full flight simulators from the CKT Company Ltd. represent the equipment which allows reproducing a flight situation to the full. The closed capsule, outwardly  nothing reminding flying machines known  today, inside completely repeats the device and the equipment of a real cabin of the pilot. Differently, it is a question of model of the real installation supplied with means of preparation of exercises, the control and management of training. As a matter of fact, unique difference full flight simulator from real installation is absence of a material damage from incorrect actions. Similar training apparatus are supplied by variety of hi-tech devices which in a complex allow simulating flight. So, the high-speed three-dimensional system of synthesis of visual conditions provides viewing of environment from a window at an angle 180°. Sensation of acceleration and change of a line of flight probably for the account of acceleration the effects created by built in system of mobility.

    Thus, the trained pilot completely supervises the spatial position. The device assumes remote control from outside the instructor. Its workplace directly is associated with the simulator and allows creating educational situations, to supervise over a "flight" course, to edit exercises etc.

    Full flight simulators projected and made by CKT Company Ltd. , correspond to all norms and standards which provide their long-term operation. Now all used and exported equipment represents an example of successful realization of the newest decisions and technologies. All it gives the grounds to speak about following key characteristics full flight simulators:

- Convenience and functionality at the expense of use high-quality program the maintenance, the plane equipment based on last given manufacturers,

- High characteristics allow preparing experts of the international class;

- The training apparatus differs the raised ergonomics at the expense of use of the human factor;

- Work of system of visualization is supervised by graphic processors and projectors of the high permission;

- High-quality electric system of mobility and imitation of a control system by an air traffic

- Concerning small weight it is guaranteed at the expense of use in a design of composite elements;

- The training apparatus is completely safe in use.