Procedure trainers

    Now the greatest distribution among aviation training apparatus have , so-called, procedural training apparatus. They are intended for a reconstruction of a certain set of situations (as a rule, supernumerary and emergency) in which the trained fulfils necessary reactions. The command of the experts capable adequately to react and make competent decisions in various circumstances as a result prepares.

    Procedural the training apparatus, depending on model, in this or that kind displays control panels and other control facilities the real device. As a result on the similar device it is possible to carry out about 70 % of actions which are accessible by helicopters/planes. In particular, it is a question as of initial skills of piloting, and more challenges. Exercises of preflight preparation, engine start concern the first group, taxiing, takeoff, climb, decrease, landing etc. More difficult training programs assume flight performance on devices, conducting visual orientation, flight in summer/winter, day/night conditions etc. Procedural training apparatus also have possibilities of working off of group flights, raising thereby technology of interaction of members of one or several crews.

    Modern procedural training apparatus from the CKT Company Ltd. are supplied by the software which allows to reproduce flight conditions to the full. It is dynamics of flight, environmental conditions, acoustic noise, work of power-plants, the instrument equipment etc. Besides, is included into the complete set system of imitation of loading of controls, projective system of visualization, the device of interface of the equipment, the computing system and system of uninterrupted power supplies, and also such accessories, as a steering wheel and pedals. Now procedural training apparatus can be delivered with real aeronavigation databases for carrying out of high-grade navigating preparation of crews.