Motion systems

    The system of aviation training apparatus of mobility is intended for creation of the conditions as much as possible approached to a reality, by preparation of flight structure. In particular, it is a question of imitation of acceleration the effects operating on the pilot on three or six degrees of freedom. It can be overloads of various character, angular accelerations and angular speeds.

    The mobility training apparatus represents a free platform in movement which copes at the expense of the numerical computer complex. On it fastens basic the mechanism (full flight training apparatus) in which there is a training of experts). It is necessary to notice that now are actively used both hydraulic, and electric training apparatus. Both mechanisms allow solving all laid down educational aims and problems. Training apparatus work is shown to imitation of behavior of a vessel in air space in a normal mode of flight and supernumerary situations which have ever been fixed in practical and test activity. In a general view all key possibilities of training apparatus of mobility can be reduced to following indications to work:

- Creation of effects of external influence;

- Jolting imitation at taxiing on runway, pushes from a contact of surface runway at a takeoff and landing;

- Creation of effects buffeting at excess of critical speed;

- The organization of constant "background" movement of an educational cabin;

- Imitation of possible effects at for all modes of flight in various configurations.

    Long term of operation of training apparatus of mobility is provided with their high technical characteristics. Indicators of the maximum useful loading and an overload, the maximum linear and angular moving, speeds and the accelerations, consumed energy are defined individually depending on model type. Nevertheless, they are always commensurable with requirements of the concrete educational centre.